Welcome to The Freelance Center. Are you tired of working at an eight to four job? Is your manager about to drive you crazy? Are you ready to work at home where you can enjoy life with your family? If you are under one of these categories, this is the site may have just the information you need. This is where you will get tons of information on running a business, good leadership, utilizing your limited time, and much more. You will get in depth evaluations of books written by experts in the field, including the famous Michael Masterson and Harry Browne. These are businessman that are known around the country for being very well off, or close to it anyway. Not only will you get step-by-step guidance on using the power of compound interest to save your own retirement stash, but you will also learn whether or not debt is a good idea, and how you can use it effectively. I am not an expert, by any means, on the subject of business. However, I have acquired a lot of information over the years on this subject that I think would be very valuable to share with all of my like minded peers. This website will also serve as a journal for my own entrepreneurial ventures for all you blog followers out there. When I find a business opportunity that could possible benefit you, I will post an article with all the details and figures to support it. So, without further discussion, head right over to the articles page to get this adventure started.