Affiliate Marketing

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 3.47.06 PM.pngThere are people all over the world designing and selling digital products online. From
digital books to spam programs, you can buy just about anything you want without even getting out of your office chair. The companies selling these goods are probably having a bit of trouble getting buyers to find their website. This is a common problem, as there are so many sites on the web, that you are not likely to get yours on the first page of 10 or 12 links. If you were to type “how to build a container home” into Google, you will get approximately 234,000 results. These links, pictures, and sites are
organized by how many times “how to build a container home” is used in each one of them. (Note: LSI keywords, or related keywords, also play a critical role in how they are organized.)

Looking at this situation with a business mind, we can see that people would possibly hire other people to promote their product, and pay them for it. A website that helps people do just that is Click Bank. After you get signed up, all you have to do is find a website you want to promote, and they will give you your golden link. There is, in fact, people out there that make their money by writing reviews andaffiliate-marketing collecting up to 75% for every person that uses the promotion link to buy. However, this is still difficult to make money at, because people probably won’t find your review site over others. This is where a website called Google Sniper comes in. This site was designed by an Australian surfer named George Brown, who asked the same question: “how can we get to the top of someone’s search results”. He did a ton of research and nailed a system down so that he could get to the top in only a few days, and make thousands of dollars a month through what he called “sniper sites”. I mean lots of money. A few of his sites were making $200-$300 a month, and he was spitting out about 3 sites a day. These sniper sites would consist of several WordPress posts that reviewed the product in question. While writing these, you would put your keywords in key places to make search engines at least put you on the first page of a search. On account of this course not being free, I cannot disclose any of his secrets in this article. However, the course itself is only $75 (not counting the add-ons) and is well put together. For more information on how to make money in this way, please visit his siteDisclaimer: Some of the videos in his course do contain inappropriate photos from Health and Fitness sites.

Before I close, I would like to point out that most of Click Bank’s sites are ones that use pressure marketing. They try to manipulate people and use “because I like you, I have a limited time offer…” methods to force you into buying. This is one disadvantages to promoting these companies. It is hard to write a review and encourage people to buy a product from a website like that. However, I will still admit that the methods taught in his videos and manual are still of great value. You can even use them when trying to sell a product of your own. If you can find a site worth reviewing, it is a great way to make larges amounts of money with very little investment.


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