The Ideal Apprenticeship Job

What is an apprentice? An apprentice is a young high schooler, typically late teens to early twenties, who wants to learn a trade by getting on the job experience in a prominent business. This training is usually very personal, with special attention drawn to making the apprentice a better leader, worker, and budgeter of finances. The businessman is usually an older person who’s business is not as fast pace as it used to be. This will will make finding time to give good advice and personal attention to the trainee easier.

In terms of the ideal apprenticeship, there are many different views and opinions on this subject. I think one of the most widely accepted apprenticeship requirements would be that the business in question have the same values and goals that your future business should have. As they say “you will never be more than the friends you spend your time with”, this is also true of business. Although you will find things in every business that you probably won’t do, just try to find one that gets pretty close. Another “ideal” mentor job would be one that is in your home town. Don’t go traveling to another city or state to find a business that will mentor you. Try your own town. I know some of you reading this might be living in a town that has “pop: 20” written on the welcome sign. However, I’m sure you live just a few minutes drive from a larger town that might have some businesses to choose from. When you decide the business you will use, meet the owner. Make sure he even wants an apprentice. I would not recommend getting a job and watching the man closely. He may see you as someone waiting for the right opportunity to rob him. Above all, make sure he/she is someone you want to talk with every week for the next several years.

When you finally get going in this new job/mentorship, you should begin to take note of a few points in how the owner performs his everyday work of leadership, budgeting, and dealing with his employees. Leadership should be obvious, as he is using it when he instructs you. See how he handles your mistakes and your successes. Make sure you make note of everything you would and would not do in his shoes. Seeing how he budgets his money is not as easy as the other two points. As most Americans want to keep their finances to themselves, he may not disclose any information to you. However, if this business is something like Walmart, where the manager is on the payroll as well, they may allow you to watch as they buy new inventory and manage new expansions. Finally, watch how the manager (or owner) deals with your co-workers. Being considered someone worth listening to and studying gives a person a lot of pride. If your boss feels this way, he will probably deal with you more kindly than anyone else in the business. Although this is not always true, it will probably be the case. Write down situations where your boss handles his emotions well when one of your coworkers make a mistake.

These are just a few of the “ideal apprenticeship job” requirements that I would recommend. In terms of a name job, I cannot give one. Everyone has their own idea of what their future business will sell and look like. This causes the specific job to be different for each person. The bottom line is, find a business that has a good customer trust record and would be worth owning if you were given the chance.


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