How to Make Your Business a Success

When selling a product, we not only have to think about the product name and how it can be manufactured the cheapest, we must also look at how we will market it. This is the most important part of any business, no matter how big or small. The Bible talks about “doing unto others, as you would have them do unto you”. This can just as easily be applied to business, as it can to our everyday life. I call it the Golden Rule of Selling: “advertise your product to others, as you would want them to advertise to you”.

When you see an advertisement in the newspaper, what is the first thing you notice. Go ahead, get your newspaper out and look through it. All the ads have promises. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, take look at the large majority of them that contain something like “free”, but contain fine print explaining how it is, in fact, not free. Our brains have been trained, from years and years of swimming through the world of selling, until the word free doesn’t catch our eye. This “fine print” makes people not trust the seller or his product. Red flags are waving all over the place that say: he’s trying to sell you something.

To understand how to get people to buy a product, we must first look at why we buy things. It usually begins with a tidbit of information we run across on the web or an email from a friend. This small piece of information sparks our interest…we begin exploring deeper. Finally, we get to the point where we examine products in that field. This is when we make our purchase.

With the consumer side in mind, lets take a look at the four steps a smart businessman should take to hold the customer to the point of buying. (1) They need to get a hold of a possible customer’s email address or phone number. If you are using Google Adwords (which I recommend), you will need to get clicks. (2) The company needs to start “nurturing” the customer. Give them any informational pamphlet or newsletter that could help them understand your field better. This not only replaces “want” with “need” in the person’s mind, but it also builds trust between your company and the customers. (3) Repeat. Keep sending them information (in daily or weekly intervals) that makes your field seem even more interesting. (4) Finally, send them to a landing page that “seals the deal” and gets them to buy. The key here is you only tell them about your services/product at the end, when they are ready to buy. This is so out of the ordinary in conventional marketing circles.

If you just do these four simple steps, you will do far better than any advertisement in any newspaper or website. By treating the customer how we want to be treated, you have won their trust and made yourself appear as someone who cares, rather than a blood-sucking salesman. Overall, I think this is the most important skill anyone can learn to make a business more likely to be a success.