Hi, I’m Ethan Brown. If you are reading this page, I can probably guess you have checked out the rest of my site. This website is designed to offer valuable advice to people who are trying to start their own business, or run the one they already have. I am definitely not an expert on the subject by any means. However, I would like to share the knowledge I have obtained from books and other businessmen’s advice. This site will also serve as a kind of travel log for my own business ventures.

In terms of my personal hobbies, I enjoy writing articles (as you can already tell), video production, documentation design, and just having fun with friends and family. I have created many different websites over the years about a range of subjects, from business to politics. Two of these are Brown Reviews and The Austrian Economy (unfinished). Reviewing is also an interest of mine and I try my best to make them as honest and accurate as possible. Thank you for visiting my site.

Thank you for visiting my site,

O. Ethan Brown